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A Colourful World

Done By:
  • Abigail Wee May Hui
  • Ashley Huan May An
  • Nur Nadhirah Bte Mazeli
  • Zhang Yiyin

The  title of our artwork is “A Colourful World”. We named our artwork thus as we used a lot of colours and different types of paper to instill a 2D effect. Our message is that we have to appreciate our heritage and not take it for granted.

We worked with magazines, glue, rice paper, twine, mulberry paper, stiff paper and paint. We were inspired by Dawn Ng’s ‘Walter’ series.

We did not expect our artwork to be so colourful and beautiful. If we had a chance to create it again, we would change Walter’s look and include more details in the background.

We learnt how to work together as a team and to perservere throughout the project, even though it was challenging at the beginning.
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