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Broken Legs

Broken_Legs.jpgDone by:
  • Esther Chua Ning
  • Kritika Seth
  • Leck Siqi
  • Racheal
  • Serene Pan Xinlin

The title of our artwork is “Broken Legs”. We used plastercast  to create the sculpture of our legs until the level of the thigh. The artwork hence consisted of two legs, each painted in light pink to dark pink/red against the background. There were also some dots and circles as well as different shapes in various sizes for the design.

During the creation of the artwork, we worked patiently to complete the leg, so that the leg will be perfect. The materials for the artwork were plastercast and tempera paint. These materials effectively brightened the artwork and made it very smooth. We were inspired by the artist, Justin Lee who made the three women in “East Meets West” look very modern, even though they were from the Tang dynasty.

The artwork turned out to be a success, as the type of colours were as we had expected. If we had another chance to change our artwork, we would change the sizes of the polka dots, as some of them were not uniform in size. We like our project very much. At the end of this artwork, we learnt to cooperate and work together with one another to complete the artwork.

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