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Done By:
  • Aisyah Ashilah Fashiihah
  • Divya Upadhyay
  • Hannah Ong Si En
  • Tejaswini Deivasigamani

Our project , “Builture”, is a combination of buildings and nature. It depicts Walter exploring places of interest in Singapore. Inspired by Dawn Ng, we chose to place Walter in front of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) because this is a famous landmark that attracts many visitors. As people visit MBS, they soon forget to appreciate the beauty of its natural surroundings. The environment has been taken for granted. We want them to appreciate nature. We hope that people would not abandon nature. We used string, spray paint and Japanese rice paper. The thin rice paper brought out the beauty in our artwork. Through the artmaking process, we learnt to cooperate with each other and display our creative skills.

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