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Cultural Hands

Cultural_Hands.jpgDone By:
  • Khoo Wei Xi, Chelsea
  • Rayna Anne John
  • Saskia Emilie Jessop
  • Tan Jing Wei, Karlyne

Our group created an artwork entitled Cultural Hands. We made three pairs of hands and two books. They were of different colours to show different cultures and identities. The message we want to convey is the importance of respect for different cultures in order to live in peace and harmony. We used plastercast, posterpaint, newspaper and cardboard for the artwork. We were inspired by the artists, Eko Nugroho and Justin Lee. Our art project turned out as we expected as all our ideas were used in the artwork. If we were to create it again, we would have painted less spots as the artwork currently looked too spotty. From this project, we learnt to work together and respect our different cultures. No matter how different we are, we must stand united. 
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