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Harmony.jpgDone By:
  • Irdina Maztura Bte Mohamad A
  • Li Ju
  • Lim Jia Yi Natalie
  • So Xin En

Our art project is entitled Harmony. This project is about living in a multi-racial society. We made four faces depicting the different races in Singapore. We personally chose this artwork as it shows the importance of living in harmony.

We want to convey the message that is very important that we respect one another, especially when we are living in a multi-racial country.

We used plastercast, posterpaint and clay. This artwork was inspired by Justin Lee, whose artwork was very amazing. The artwork actually turned out almost the way we wanted. If we could have changed something, it would have been the facial features which did not clearly depict the different races. This artwork has taught us more about cooperation, commitment, patience, resilience, integrity and perseverance.

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