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Done By:
  • Farah Aziz Amirali Merchant
  • Hanis Batrisyia Bte N T
  • Huda Bte Mohamed Hilal
  • Nashan Qaisara Bte Suhaimi

We decided to name our project Hi-Pad. Our artwork shows four hands joined together holding the IPAD, a piece of modern technology.The message that we want to convey is that in a globalized world, we should not only think about technology, but we must also place great importance on the values of cooperation and respect among the diverse cultures in our country. The materials that we used were plastercast, paint, styrofoam and newspaper. We were inspired by Justin lee’s work. We persevered even though it was a tough project for us. We did our best to make our artwork attractive, colourful and meaningful. We realized the importance of team spirit to help see us through the project. This project also taught us to persevere, be creative and committed to achieve our goals.

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