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Park of Fun

Done By:
  • Anushka Ashirgade
  • Athirah Nurunnisa Bte M R
  • Celeste Lai Rui-En
  • Chua Jiaxin
  • Deziree Ann Stahlmann
  • Ho Wen Xin
  • Huan Yaohong
  • Jeanette Goh
  • Kavyasri Saravanan
  • Lee Hui En
  • Lim Kit Kei, Megan
  • Lim Minyi
  • Loke Mun Ien
  • Lynette Koo
  • Mannpriyan Kaur Dhillon
  • Pamplina Kelsey Bernice Gabarda
  • Pham Thanh Thao
  • Quek Hui Xin
  • Sarah Fareed Kagda
  • Sarah Riaz Jadliwala
  • Shermaine Yeo Ruixian
  • Sylvenia Erica Lee
  • Teh Ching Yee Jennibelle
  • Yang Mingqi

Our artwork depicts the fun parks and playgrounds located around HDB flats. These are places where people of all ages and races go to play, interact and bond. This artwork is a contrast to Chun Kaifeng’s artwork,‘Park Life’, which is a portrayal of the darker side of parks and playgrounds. We chose to make our playground fun and lively to depict the wonderful time people have there. The message we want to convey is to that parks and playgrounds are wonderful places for children to gather and spend their childhood, rather than focusing on their electronic devices. In the process of creating this artwork, we learnt to cooperate with one another and to persevere in times of difficulties.
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