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Done By:
  • Adilah Bte Abdul Razak
  • Audrey Loo
  • Caitlyn Chew Su'en
  • Chen Emily Kailin
  • Haziqah Uzma Bte Mohd Jailani
  • Jasmine Xu Zhi Rui
  • Kirsty Candelaria Bell
  • Lai Meiyi Marilyn
  • Lee Seoyeong
  • Nabiha Mohammad Bafadhal
  • Ng Josephine Mei
  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Lynn
  • Nur Adeelya Bte Muhammad Hidhir
  • Nur Sarah Bte Herman
  • Nurzahidah Bte Zulkifli
  • Rie Jenika Flores Maningas

Our group was inspired by Jason Wee’s portrait of Mr Lee. We did our self-portrait to show that everyone has their own distinctive features which distinguish them from others. We focused more on facial features as an example of our unique characteristics. Our group used construction paper and oil pastels to explore self-portraits in the cubist style. We used bright, contrasting colours to create a vibrant impression. The choice of colours used and the expressions shown on our faces conveyed our personalities and emotions.

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