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Walter Is Back In Town

Walter_Is_Back_In_Town.jpgDone By:
  • Gwyneth Elizabeth Woon
  • Lim Jialin Joni
  • Natalie Goh Fey
  • Wung Shyn Yee

Our project is about Walter taking a tour around Singapore. Our artwork was inspired by Dawn Ng’s ‘Walter’ series. We want to attract more tourists to Singapore so they can appreciate our culture and heritage. We used magazines for the buildings. We used Japanese rice paper to create a cloudy effect in the sky. We used twines to outline the buildings. To achieve a more realistic effect, we used spray paint and sprayed over the natural leaves. Our artwork did not turn out as expected because we had difficulty drawing the Merlion, especially its face. We solved the problem by pasting a dragon’s face over it. It looked better after we pasted the dragon’s face. Our favourite part was Walter. We included a hat and a pair of sunglasses as Singapore is always hot and sunny. We also added a camera as this place is a tourist attraction. From this project, we learnt to work as a team and to persevere in the face of difficulties.

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