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Wet Soil

WetSoil.jpg Done by:
  • Tanisha
  • Nadra Ahmad
  • Wei Xuan
  • Nur Majdah
Our artwork depicts a scene of the last Malay kampong of Singapore. We were inspired by Dawn Ng’s protagonist in many of her photos, Walter, a bunny with fur bleached with the colour of snow. He is the media twist of all of her photos that depict forgotten “landmarks” of Singapore. This Malay kampong is a forgotten “landmark” of Singapore. Surrounded in nature, this simple yet beautiful place in Singapore truly brings back a ton of memories.
For our artwork, the materials that we used are papers from magazines and newspapers. We also used Japanese rice paper, leaves and spray paint to add a kind of effect to our work.  The last Malay kampong in Singapore truly brings back the spirit of togetherness.

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